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PestoMix 005: Zoltan of "From P60"

Weekend ahead, couple of parties to attend, new PestoMix - what could you wish more from a weekend?

Zoltan Nagy, the guy behind the "From P60" project gets his first PestoMix your way. For members of the Pesto community, this one is already kinda old, yet not dated: you can have previews on upcoming mixes and stuff when you register (hey, it's free and fast) for our Pesto community. For all the rest, this is a top notch DJ mix by the "From P60" guy.

It's funny because it features a couple of Pesto Music's all time favs such as Dennis Ferrer's "Unconditional Love ", Spiritchaser's "As We Continue" and many more items. It's vibrating between instant classics, roots and new stuff - and you'll love it!Happy

Here's the track list:

01.Elaine & Ellen - The Look Of Love (Dim's re-edit)
02.Blackjoy - Moustache
03.Dennis Ferrer -Unconditional Love
04.Spiritchaser - As We Continue
05.Fish Go Deep - The Cure & The Cause
06.From P60 & Virág - Enjoy The Sound
07.Mike L & Lanoiraude - Mystic River (Charles Webster Remix)
08.Milton Jackson - Rouge Element (Jimpster Remix)
09.King Kooba - Destination Ditroit
10.Forteba & From P60 - Birds Are Flying
11.Presence - Gettin' Lifted

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Cloudsteppers: remix for Acryl Music on Café del Mar compilation

As you might have noticed before, there's is something like a big, international family of House music heads. One of our brothers in this family is Da Funk's Acryl Music from Switzerland - a label we keep supporting because we love the guy and we love the music! Da Funk has already remixed Babak Shayan's Azadi on Pesto 005, contributes to the "2.0" compilation with a massive tune (Electronic Love) and will have a banging release on Traxx in January.

Another brother in music is Vyach, our "Cloudsteppers" guy from Ukraine who's also on "2.0" and he's been doing a remix for Acryl Music. The track in question is "Dig Dis" by Da Funk himself.

The reason we're telling you all this? Well, the Cloudsteppers remix made it onto the ChillHouse edition of the Café Del Mar compilation. And as Cloudsteppers will be releasing an album on Pesto in 2008, we couldn't think of any better promotion for that.

Congratulations to Acryl Music (yes, it's fantastic, indeed!) and to the Cloudsteppers! Well done, guys.

Jon Silva @ Switch, Stockholm

In cooperation with, we're proud to announce the second issue of the "Switch" party series in Stockholm, Sweden. Glad to see all the guys again, especially Esteban whom I expect to drop a track for one of the upcoming compilations.

Quoting from Tribalism's web site:

After the huge success with the first Switch party we are happy to announce the second edition november 30th. No less then the brilliant Jon Silva is headlining the funky house floor. 2 dancefloors, 3 bars of which one is an outdoor tent with heathing system where you can chill to dub and loungemusic.

Jon Silva ( Soda inc, Pesto, Plastic City Cologne, de)
Morg ( Flexible, Gbg)
kenuna (Switch, Music For Girls, Sthlm)
Esteban Nunez (switch)
Niklas Paus ( IDJ Winner 2006)
Amos (Outdoor professor)

Vi är oerhört stolta att kunna presentera världens i vårt tycke främsta producent av real house Jon Silva. Att Jon Silva dessutom är en alldeles fantastisk dj gör inte saken sämre. Ni som inte kopplar namnet har garanterat dansat er svettiga till tex "Night Fever" på våra events. "You just keep me hanging on.." kanske klingar bekant.

Han techiga djupa rhytmiska house är housemusik när den är som bäst: Är den inte sexig och nasty så är hans musik vacker och emotionell.

Man vet inte vad house är förrän man fått uppleva euforin i att stå på ett dansgolv och vara totalt uppslukad av kärlek till musiken som deejayn levererar. Det är stunder som dessa som är äkta. Det är stunder som dessa Jon Silva kommer in i bilden. Jon Silva är kärlek. Jon Silva är på riktigt.

Jon Silva driver den högkvalitativa etiketten Pesto rec, är monumentala skivbolagets Plastic Citys hus-dj och bildar tillsammans med Babak Shayan Soda inc.

Lyssna på hans "Addictedenteringfuck" eller "I Want You" på myspace så för att förstå hans mångfald.. Kolla upp den och fler låtar på hans Myspace:

2 dansgolv plus ett utomhustält med bar och infravärme för alla outdoorjunkies.

More compilation mania: "2.0" - The Next Generation Of Pesto Artists

By introducing the second longplayer on Pesto, "2.0 - The Next Generation Of Pesto Artists" you will get a deep insight on the release schedule of next year. We have compiled the finest in Deep House from both rising talents and established artists. You might already know one or another of the 13 tunes from one of the PestoMixes or the Jon Silva Mixtape series, others are brand new and unheard before.

This compilation also marks the beginning of a new period: while 2007 was the stage of the Pesto.Digital project - transforming Pesto from a vinyl label to a digital imprint - with excellent but relatively few releases, 2008 will be the "mother of release fireworks". We have an incredible bunch of talent with outstanding tunes in the pipeline and there are even more to come. We will have more single releases, more remix issues and also more compilations - featuring both exclusive Pesto material and tracks from other labels we partner with.

Back to where we were, here's the track list of "2.0" - just to make you hot for what's coming your way soon. Laugh

01. Tina Valen - Discotime
02. Rucyl - Love In War (Pete Gust KID Remix)
03. Cloudsteppers - Make Me Shine
04. Quell - Baby Gaps
05. Replika - Loveletter
06. Phonic Funk - On Top
07. Da Funk - Electronic Love
08. Sandra Lima - Higher (The Mulder's Up-A-Dub)
09. Aegean - Jon Silva
10. Robin Rush - Into You (With Pryde Remix)
11. Cooccer - Jam Hot
12. Khaan - Pegasos (The Mulder's XX-File Remixx)
13. Nuance Movement - Violet (Soda Inc. Remix)

We can hear some "yeeaaaah - finally!" from your side of the screen.

More details magically popping up on this page very soon.

Traxx 003: Khaan - Mythos EP

One of Cologne's most wanted DJs is Khaan and we're proud to present his work on our sublabel Traxx Recordings!

After Traxx already got support from the elite of techy DJs (such as Ali Dubfire of Deep Dish, Pako & Frederik of Sitrep and many more), we bring you another pounding release ranging between deep Tech House and pumping Progressive choons. We'll publish more details about the artist "Khaan" and his work (he recently put out a release on the highly acclaimed "Pearldiver" imprint and also made a remix for "From P60" and their "New Way" tune on Pesto 010) on this page within the next few days.

Pesto 010: From P60 - New Way/Be What I Wanna Be

Geez, has this one been long-awaited, but finally, it's there: Budapest's own "From P60" with the voice of Virág finally drop their bomb on Pesto!

The whole EP consists of the tunes "New Way" and "Be What I Wanna Be" and comes with a large bunch of class A remixes. Among the appreciated remixers are top notch names like Nikola Gala, Subsky, JP & Chris Mill, Khaan and Cristian Paduraru. Pesto 010 will have the Nikola Gala and Khaan remixes as well as some more edits by Pesto's Jon Silva.

The release has been split into exclusives for Beatport, Stompy and Traxsource. And while it's already out on Beatport, Nikola Gala's remix was climbing the charts (with a #22 peak position on Beatport's House charts). We'll let you know when you can get the other mixes on Stompy and Traxsource (and only there for the next few weeks).

Part 2 of the mixes will be out in January 2008 including the other remixes - more details here in brief.

Pesto Music drops DRM

Starting with the digital compilation "Vic Music presents: Beautiful & Timeless Vol. 1", we're proud to announce that Pesto Music with all its subsidaries will offer its catalogue free from any DRM restrictions on all platforms that offer a choice regarding DRM, first of all the iTunes Music Store with its iTunes Plus option.

We consider DRM or "Digital Rights Management" first of all a euphemism as it's not managing anything rather than restricting the user (that's you, our buyers and fans) in the way she or he is entitled to use the downloaded music.

Opposed to organizations like the IFPI and similar, we do not consider our clients criminals. File sharing is a reality as much as copying 12" albums on compact cassettes was a reality back in the 1980ies. We're not encouraging you to share your purchased Pesto and Traxx files on filesharing systems (except our FreeBees), but if somebody does, we can't help about it. We rather focus on new music instead of filing lawsuits.

We just think that by putting out great music, supporting our fans with free downloads and other goodies, we will attract the buyers that appreciate our work, people that understand that supporting new and upcoming talents costs some time, money and much more idealism.

Last but not least, we won't increase the prices for the DRM-free titles. Happy

Feel free to share your thoughts about DRM in general in our comments' section.

Vic Music presents: Beautiful & Timeless - we're going digital!

It's been long-awaited and this step has been overdue but we finally made it!

Chapter One of the immensely successful CD series will be released as a digital download. We'll offer both the individual tracks (with quite a bunch of unreleased productions such as by Nuance Movement, Soda Inc., Jon Silva and many more) as well as the whole mix.

One tune will be exclsuive to those who buy the full album: "Theme Of Vic Bar" - a tune especially made by Jon Silva & Babak Shayan for the Vic Bar in Cologne.

More details regarding the track list and availability on this page in brief. "Beautiful & Timeless" is brought to you in cooperation with Shayan Music.

Jon Silva @ Kiev, Ukraine

In cooperation with Fly Music, we're proud to present Jon Silva @ Status, Kiev/Ukraine.

It's Jon's second gig in Ukraine already and as it's Dima Fly's B-Day party, you can surely expect some classy mayhem.

For more details and RVSP, please refer to Fly Music's web site (only in russian).

A political statement from Jon Silva

This post is especially aimed at german visitors. Nevertheless, the rest of the world should know what's going on here in Germany. I usually try to keep politics off this page, but the latest events made me change my mind regarding this very special case.

As many of you will know, I was born in the eastern part of Germany that was governed by a communist dictatorship until the Berlin wall was teared down in 1989. I was only eight years old when my family escaped from that country for western Germany but my parents made me well aware of the reasons we left our home. We had police officers at home for no reason (or for that reason we wanted to leave or were insisting on our civil rights), we had snitchers living in the same house telling any of our activities to the "Staatssicherheit", the secret service of eastern Germany (comparable to the Gestapo in Nazi Germany). We had our phone connections monitored, mailings opened or "lost", were threatened psychically by those subjects. We finally had our passports confiscated and got new IDs that said we were "stateless" - in other words, our citizenship was taken. Civil rights did not exist in that country and that was the reason why so many people in eastern Germany started huge demonstrations in 1989 - chasing away the dictators by a "soft revolution" and civil disobedience.

Due to my past, I got somewhat allergic to anything or anybody that tries to decrease the amount of civil and/or human rights granted. The first paragraph of the german "Grundgesetz", our constitution, says: "Human dignity is inviolable". The constitution, similar to the "Bill Of Rights" in the USA or other constitutions in your respective country grants this right among many more to you, the citizen of your country. Among those rights granted, you'll also find your right to have privacy and freedom of speech. Without going too much into detail, I will supply you with a couple of links covering the background of data retention below and why it means a severe loss of civil rights.

Data retention on
A short summary on (in english, also available in german, french and italian)

Today, the german parliament accepted a draft bill regarding data retention. They say it's meant to fight terrorism (yeah right - the draft bill also states the use for "illegal" filesharing) but it reaches way far: whistleblowers reporting to journalists will be in danger. That creates an atmosphere of FUD (fear, uncertainty & danger). Imagine you were a witness of how a politician corrupted and have proof - you'd tell a newspaper (media being considered the fourth force in a democratic system). Well, think twice - they'll know who and where you are as they saved your connection and the place you made the call from.

You call me paranoid? Check this out: in 1919, there was a population census in Germany. The government then was a democratic one and they also asked you for your religious views. Some of the german citizens were Jews and checked the respective box - which turned into a tragedy for millions after 1933.

I clearly want to state that ANY decrease of human and civil rights is a desaster. And no, I have nothing to hide but I insist on my civil rights! If possible terrorists wanted to destroy the values of the so-called western world, they were successful - with the help from our politicians. This is just a beginning, what might be next? If we keep on accepting that our basic rights, the human rights people once died for, are constantly taken away from us, we don't have to complain later.

That's the reason you should make yourself heard: write to your representative, attend demonstrations, make the people around you aware of what's happening! We germans already had a generation that said "We did not know that"! If you want to see worst-case scenarios, watch the film "Brazil". And finally, let me quote Benjamin Franklin:

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

I hope you excuse me being so emotional and upset.

Much love & let freedom ring!
Jon Silva aka Jost Gerischer

Pesto FreeBee No. 3: From P60 - New Way

As announced on our Youtube channel, Myspace, Facebook and Last.FM, here's our next FreeBee:

Taken from our upcoming release Pesto010 by Hungary's From P60, here's the Radio Version of "New Way" in full 320kBits shine.

This FreeBee is released under no special license model, it's free as in freedom. There are a few rules to follow though:
- you can freely distribute (i.e. share on P2P networks, transfer to your friends, etc.) the file as long as its original contents (the song itself, the meta data and cover artwork) remain unaltered
- in case you are converting the file to another format (such as WAV, OGG, AAC to name a few), make sure you keep the original ID3 tags and the cover artwork
- the file(s) remain covered by copyright laws, the copyright holder is Pesto Music
- you can use portions of the file to incorporate them in new creations (i.e. mashups, remixes) for non-commercial use, any commercial use requires a license from Pesto Music. If you create a mashup or remix of the tune, please send us a link to your creation by using the contact form

And now: Enjoy "From P60 - New Way"!Happy
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Vote for Soda Inc. as best EXIT 2007 act & get free music!

We met some of you guys on last summer's EXIT festival in Novi Sad - many expressed how much they enjoyed the early hours with us, many said how sorry they were of having missed the chance to see us perform.

Well, here's your opportunity to support the Soda Inc. boys Babak and Jon:

There's a vote running on the EXIT web site. Show some love and vote for Soda Inc. (the EXIT guys are asking some more questions so feel free to place your vote there, too)!

We highly appreciate your efforts and there's even a reward for those sending in screen captures of their vote:
You will get the link to an exclusive snippet of our upcoming album "Odyssey" on Klik Records if you send your screenshot to vote [at]! The links will be sent out to you personally by end of November 2007.

Jon Silva Charts November 2007

Here are Jon Silva's charts for November 2007:

01. Eyereel Allstars - Slowdown (Richard Earnshaw's Vocal Mix) [Duffnote]
02. Satoshi Fumi - Silhouette [Sequent Recordings 001]
03. Spiritchaser - Spiritlevel 1 [Guess]
04. Dom Navarra feat. Monique Henry - So Lonely (Kings Of Soul Vocal Mix) [Grooveland 006]
05. Da Funk - Roasted [Traxx 004]
06. The Mulder - Who's Jon Silva? [Plastic City.Play]
07. Soda Inc. - Odyssey Album [SIR/Klik]
08. TAN - Bounce [Shayan 012]
09. From P60 - New Way (Subsky Remix) [Pesto 010R]
10. Princess Moon - Downstream [Moonbeam Tribal 015]

Have you already voted for me on the DJ List in November?
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