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Jon Silva's PestoMix: you decide which style!

The upcoming PestoMix is due to be made soon. It will be compiled and mixed by Pestolero Jon Silva.

For the first time, it's up to you to have your say about the style in which you'd like to have that PestoMix. We have set up a poll on our Pesto Forum where you can vote and also share your thoughts and recommendations (free and simple registration is required to do so).

Please see the respective thread here - feel free to browse the forum and discover DJ mixes that friends of Pesto have posted there.

You can always go to the Pesto Forum by clicking on the "community" link in the "news" (the page you're actually reading) submenu.

Soda Inc. in Stockholm

In cooperation with, Soda Inc. will be brought to Stockholm to play a DJ gig in Stockholm's Riddarkälleren tonight.

Alongside Soda Inc., we will also have Pestolero Esteban Nuñez, Anti, Ken1, Krister Linder (Live & DJ), Hiawata, Marcus Stork, Johan Afterglow (Live & DJ) and Electromaker (Live).

For more details, please see the eFlyer.
latest news.