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Vote for Soda Inc. as best EXIT 2007 act & get free music!

We met some of you guys on last summer's EXIT festival in Novi Sad - many expressed how much they enjoyed the early hours with us, many said how sorry they were of having missed the chance to see us perform.

Well, here's your opportunity to support the Soda Inc. boys Babak and Jon:

There's a vote running on the EXIT web site. Show some love and vote for Soda Inc. (the EXIT guys are asking some more questions so feel free to place your vote there, too)!

We highly appreciate your efforts and there's even a reward for those sending in screen captures of their vote:
You will get the link to an exclusive snippet of our upcoming album "Odyssey" on Klik Records if you send your screenshot to vote [at]! The links will be sent out to you personally by end of November 2007.

How do you get new music?

After reading an interesting article on Ars Technica and being aware of Pesto Music having performed the switch over to 100% pure online distribution, we'd like to know some details from you.

What is your way to get new music? Do you visit profiles on social networking sites such as or Do you buy it online? Please see our poll:

If the way you obtain new music is not described in the poll, please use the comments' section to tell us further details. And also, please share the social network sites you're using in case you get your music from there.

Poll: text advertisement on - yes or no?

Today, we want to hear your opinion on a delicate topic.

We are intending to put Google Adwords on our pages in order to get the costs for server capacity, bandwidth (traffic), etc. sorted and paid. There are several options we have been checking out including Adwords (that would be small text ads in our sidebar) or a Paypal "Donate" button.

The best way to support your favourite label is, of course, buying the music and some merchandising stuff. But some of you might feel to improve their Karma and this can be easily done with this. So here's what we want to know from you.

Rate PestoMix 001 by Babak Shayan

Thank you all for your amazing feedback on PestoMix 001! We received a lot of positive mails and had many encouraging chats of people who enjoyed the first PestoMix a lot.

Now it's your turn to take a stance: we have set up a poll so you can rate Babak's mix.

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