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A political statement from Jon Silva

This post is especially aimed at german visitors. Nevertheless, the rest of the world should know what's going on here in Germany. I usually try to keep politics off this page, but the latest events made me change my mind regarding this very special case.

As many of you will know, I was born in the eastern part of Germany that was governed by a communist dictatorship until the Berlin wall was teared down in 1989. I was only eight years old when my family escaped from that country for western Germany but my parents made me well aware of the reasons we left our home. We had police officers at home for no reason (or for that reason we wanted to leave or were insisting on our civil rights), we had snitchers living in the same house telling any of our activities to the "Staatssicherheit", the secret service of eastern Germany (comparable to the Gestapo in Nazi Germany). We had our phone connections monitored, mailings opened or "lost", were threatened psychically by those subjects. We finally had our passports confiscated and got new IDs that said we were "stateless" - in other words, our citizenship was taken. Civil rights did not exist in that country and that was the reason why so many people in eastern Germany started huge demonstrations in 1989 - chasing away the dictators by a "soft revolution" and civil disobedience.

Due to my past, I got somewhat allergic to anything or anybody that tries to decrease the amount of civil and/or human rights granted. The first paragraph of the german "Grundgesetz", our constitution, says: "Human dignity is inviolable". The constitution, similar to the "Bill Of Rights" in the USA or other constitutions in your respective country grants this right among many more to you, the citizen of your country. Among those rights granted, you'll also find your right to have privacy and freedom of speech. Without going too much into detail, I will supply you with a couple of links covering the background of data retention below and why it means a severe loss of civil rights.

Data retention on
A short summary on (in english, also available in german, french and italian)

Today, the german parliament accepted a draft bill regarding data retention. They say it's meant to fight terrorism (yeah right - the draft bill also states the use for "illegal" filesharing) but it reaches way far: whistleblowers reporting to journalists will be in danger. That creates an atmosphere of FUD (fear, uncertainty & danger). Imagine you were a witness of how a politician corrupted and have proof - you'd tell a newspaper (media being considered the fourth force in a democratic system). Well, think twice - they'll know who and where you are as they saved your connection and the place you made the call from.

You call me paranoid? Check this out: in 1919, there was a population census in Germany. The government then was a democratic one and they also asked you for your religious views. Some of the german citizens were Jews and checked the respective box - which turned into a tragedy for millions after 1933.

I clearly want to state that ANY decrease of human and civil rights is a desaster. And no, I have nothing to hide but I insist on my civil rights! If possible terrorists wanted to destroy the values of the so-called western world, they were successful - with the help from our politicians. This is just a beginning, what might be next? If we keep on accepting that our basic rights, the human rights people once died for, are constantly taken away from us, we don't have to complain later.

That's the reason you should make yourself heard: write to your representative, attend demonstrations, make the people around you aware of what's happening! We germans already had a generation that said "We did not know that"! If you want to see worst-case scenarios, watch the film "Brazil". And finally, let me quote Benjamin Franklin:

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

I hope you excuse me being so emotional and upset.

Much love & let freedom ring!
Jon Silva aka Jost Gerischer

Did anybody say "mashup"?

Or "web 2.0" or another buzzword of your choice?

Well, we've just been mashed up (sounds like you just got punk'd, no?) or at least just discovered it happened. In a truly global world, Ehsan, a DJ from Canada took Babak Shayan's "Azadi" and made his own remix. Check it out here.

If you were about to do a mashup with some Pesto stuff, which one would you choose? Leave a comment (including a link to your mashup MP3).

[update: and yes, Ehsan bought it on - good boy!]

There's something going on...

There must be a reason for we are posting the logo of another label here on the Pesto web pages. What reason could that be?

Did anybody say something was going on behind the scenes? Will Pesto be closed down, shortly after the digital rebirth? Will it be renamed to traxx? If so, why would we?

Hmmm...expand your mind. More details to follow soon!

Babak Shayan nude! Check the footage!!!

Hah! Got you!

So you were looking for Babak Shayan nude? We're sorry to disappoint you! But...we have some footage on Babak Shayan. Check it out here:

Babak Shayan - Azadi (Pesto005)

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Happy holidays from Pesto Music! Winking
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