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Rucyl's "Love In War" on Islands Vol. 05 compilation

The "Islands" CD series is a cooperation between Big City Beats and King Kamehameha Beach and has succeeded not only to follow the success of other Eivissa-centered compilations but to reach even further.

King Kamehameha in Frankfurt was elected "Germany's most beautiful Open Air Venue" by the Cosmopolitan - Big City Beats have regular shows on Big FM, one of Germany's leading FMs for Black Music and House.

The story of this compilation is made up of a careful track selection seeking for timeless DeepHouse classics rather than actual Club Hits, the excellent packing design, the authentic island vibe when you miss dancing in the sunset and an excellent DJ mix by Steve Blunt (resident of King Kamehameha). No wonder this series made it into the german compilation charts before and Vol. 05 was presented as Hot Pick on Germany's Pro7 TV network.

We're proud that Rucyl's "Love In War (Pete Gust's KID Remix)" made it onto this piece of art and enjoys the appropriate company of Masters at Work, Ralf Gum, Tiger Stripes, Scope and Spirit Chaser to name but a few.

You can preview the CD's contents here - the info text is in german only.

Jon Silva aka The Mulder on Paradigm/Frisky Radio today!

Jon Silva aka the Mulder is in for a guest mix at Zach DeVincent's Paradigm show on Frisky Radio.

Jon delivers a two hours-mix starting with lovely deep Tech, shifting to Tech House the US way and finally evolving in neo-trancish armageddon.
You will hear a couple of unreleased tunes (some of them to be released in brief such as Da Funk's "Roasted" on Traxx 004 and the Clap Clap Mix of Sandra Lima's "Higher") as well as some classics such as James Holden's epos "A Break In The Clouds". Of course, Jon's 2007 smasher "I Take You Out To Space" and his remix of "Sharing Transparently" for 1st Class, that was also sticked to Beatport's #1 in DeepHouse for weeks is being featured, too. Enjoy two hours of shameless self promotion. Winking

Please find the track list below:

01. Villa Lupos - The Mulder
02. Housetrap (Jon Silva's Dub Trip) - JP&Kris Mil
03. Out 2 Space 2007 - The Mulder
04. Driftin' - Cooccer
05. Inside - Ronan
06. Woman Of The Sun (Francois Dubois Sunshine Vocal) - Onionz
07. Roasted - Da Funk
08. Here I am (Shur-I-kan Stripped Dub) - Fred Everything feat. Lisa Shaw
09. Sharing Transparently (Jon Silva's Deep House Mix) - 1st Class
10. Technical Emergency - L.E.O.
11. Get Fresh (Jon Silva's Freshhh Remix) - Aki-Tek
12. Enjoy This Trip - Jon Silva with Djazz
13. Roasted (Jon Silva's Replay) - Da Funk
14. Higher (Jon Silva's Clap Clap Mix) - Sandra Lima
15. Never Felt This This Way (Behrouz and Andy Caldwell Toronto Mix) - Knight Keys
16. Greece 2000 (Maarcos Remix) - Those Usual Suspects
17. The Journey - Cirez D
18. Beauty of Silence - Andrea Doria & LXR aka Lützenkirchen
19. A Break In The Clouds - James Holden

The Paradigm show will begin at 11:00am PST (08:00pm CET, to see your time zone, click here).

Tune in here, Frisky offers stream formats for nearly any player and connection bandwidth. Feel free to visit the forums and leave some feedback there!


Cielo celebrates five years with ‘Cinco’ release


Club World Awards 2008 winner for best club, New York hotspot Cielo celebrates its 5th anniversary with a double-disc release that documents the club’s musical journey of the past five years.

Due out on July 8th on Tommy Boy Records, resident DJs Nicolas Matar and Willie Graff wrap it up with a neat little bow in a “then” and “now” disc format, including the latest tracks from Tommy Boy artists Ultra Naté and Louie Vega, remixes from Charles Webster, Carl Craig and Justin Martin, and a techno-friendly, soulful deep house sound that Cielo is famous for.

We're proud that Rucyl's "Love In War" (Pete Gust's KID Remix) also made its way onto this awesome compilation! Congrats to Cielo!

Visit Cielo's web site here.

Jon Silva remixes coming your way!

After last year's summer of remixes (pt. 1 and pt. 2) was quite successful for Jon Silva, this year is not any worse.
Jon has been asked to remix tunes by Scope on Urban Torque, Andy Sant on Detroit's Kolour Recordings, Orlando Vaughan on Duff Note, Aki-Tek on Red King/Ministry of Sound and Sebastian Davidson on both New York City's Glideslope and our neighbours Clubstar.

Some of those mixes are already finished (despite some took ages - sorry Ateka), some are work in progress. As soon as these releases will be available, we will let you know and provide further information. So long, please find out more about these excellent artists and labels by clicking the links - we're sure you like their stuff!

Chart stormers: "2.0 - The Next Generation Of Pesto Artists"

Holy shyte, if 2008 starts like this, what's ahead?Laugh

6 out of 13 tunes are already gaining chart positions on Beatport. As we're really proud, we want to share the news with you so here they are seperated by genre:

in Deep House: Rucyl - Love In War (Pete Gust's KID Remix) 11, Tina Valen - Discotime 22, Da Funk - Electronic Love 77, Sandra Lima - Higher (The Mulder's Up-A-Dub) 98

in House: Jon Silva - Aegean 28

in Tech House: Khaan - Pegasos (The Mulder's XX-File Remixx) 61

On the House charts of, Replika's "Loveletter" climbs on 62, Robin Rush's "Into You" on 90, Rucyl enters on 95. We're also in the charts on Traxsource (on 78) and on Juno Download (on 7 in Deep House, on 28 in the overall charts) with the whole album. And my good friend Ricardo Torres just tells me that we're also part of the "Weekly Essentials" on Traxsource with Phonic Funk's "On Top". If we should have missed on something (chart positions, DJ playlists, etc.), please post it in the comments!

One more thing: Jon Silva's P2P remix for Cristian Paduraru is also in the charts: #26 on Beatport's Tech House list.

Congratulations to our artists & big thanks to all those supporting excellent music!

Jon Silva remixes for Cristian Paduraru out now

As announced earlier this year, Jon Silva was asked to remix one of Cristian Paduraru's tracks. "Sharing Transparently" already saw a couple of remix treatments from all over, so now it was about the time to add some Pesto topping.

The release on Christian Records [CRO48RMX27] is a Beatport Exclusive and comes in three different flavours: Jon Silva's Deep House mix deals with trippy and dubby elements on a straight House beat, there's a Chill Out mix and a dub mix that's being reduced to the beats and bass line of the original remix.

buy this release on

Cloudsteppers: remix for Acryl Music on Café del Mar compilation

As you might have noticed before, there's is something like a big, international family of House music heads. One of our brothers in this family is Da Funk's Acryl Music from Switzerland - a label we keep supporting because we love the guy and we love the music! Da Funk has already remixed Babak Shayan's Azadi on Pesto 005, contributes to the "2.0" compilation with a massive tune (Electronic Love) and will have a banging release on Traxx in January.

Another brother in music is Vyach, our "Cloudsteppers" guy from Ukraine who's also on "2.0" and he's been doing a remix for Acryl Music. The track in question is "Dig Dis" by Da Funk himself.

The reason we're telling you all this? Well, the Cloudsteppers remix made it onto the ChillHouse edition of the Café Del Mar compilation. And as Cloudsteppers will be releasing an album on Pesto in 2008, we couldn't think of any better promotion for that.

Congratulations to Acryl Music (yes, it's fantastic, indeed!) and to the Cloudsteppers! Well done, guys.

For our greek friends: interview with Soda Inc. on

Here's an interview that Angel Frank did with Soda Inc. (Jon Silva & Babak Shayan) in Kavala, Greece this summer. Please find the english version below or on Angel's myspace page, the link to the original greek version on is at the bottom of this post.

1) How did you meet and when did you start to produce and dj together as Soda inc.?

Jon: Together we started in 2001 I think. We had been working for the same label, in the same office. We started to work on some remixes, our first track was produced in a few hours and after that we stuck together.

2) Tell me a few things about your 2nd album (Inner Vision). Imagine that I am someone who don't know Soda inc. What am I going to hear?

Jon: After Full Moon (their 1st album) we decided that we should put a new level. Full moon was more instrumental with less vocals, but we love vocals. You know, we listen to pop music and everything that is good so the 2nd album should be less house, less dance, more Soda inc., which is like a mix of different genres. We didn't had something like a plan. We were just sitting together, drinking wine and making tracks and at the same time we were deciding whether the tracks should be part of the album, or not. Babak met some guys from Jamaica and we recorded some stuff, so we put all this stuff together and made our 2nd album.

3) What do you believe about the illegal downloading? Do you think that is going to destroy electronic dance music?

Babak: I think that it is about music in general. It depends on which country we are talking about, because last year I was in Kiev and the people there, download music because they can't do otherwise. I don't think that is going to destroy electronic music especially because in Europe and u.s.a. the people there, buy more digital stuff. So I don't have a problem with it.

Jon: May I add something? Back in the days, when I was in school, everybody was copying Michael Jackson's albums, they putted them in tape, these days in the hard disks, but the people who are really fans of the music will still buy it, because they want to have the real thing, they want to support the artist. So, filesharing has been existing for ages. For me, it's better when someone downloads my tracks. I prefer it from not having them at all.

4) What about myspace? Have you been helped by it, either as djs, or as producers?

Jon: Actually, and I am speaking for both of us, we have met so many talents via myspace, you know people who make music from every corner of the world. I believe that myspace is a very good opportunity for new producers to meet people and spread their music. I also believe that turning a label into a digital label like Pesto music, is a normal consequence, because you meet people who write music from Ukraine, Kiev, and you say 'oh my god there is a talent' and you sign them. And you do that not just because they produce music, but also because you wouldn't had the chance to meet them otherwise. So it's a really good thing actually.

5) What's your best gig so far? Where do you enjoy your sets most?

Babak: I think it's Greece, because we love Greece, we love playing here, the crowd loves our music, which we really appreciate it, because in Germany, the people there are not that much into the music, they are more into the drugs, into techno and they don't give a shit about music. They just go to the club and wait till the drugs start to work. In countries like Greece and also in former east European countries like Serbia the people are into the music and you can feel that. They appreciate what we are doing.

6) What about minimal? What's your opinion about this trend? Does it influence you or just, you know, you don't even bother?

Babak: I'll just say, MINIMAL KILLS MUSIC (laughs)

Do you share the same opinion Jon?

Jon: In general, yes. Every kind of music has bad records and good records, so the most minimal tracks, at least for us, are boring. But there are some good tracks that we use to play and they definitely influence us. The next Soda inc. album won't be a minimal album, but it will include some minimal elements. But even these elements, will have a Soda inc. touch. In general, we are not into the minimal scene.

7) Do you wish to play in some place, where you have never played before?

Babak: There are a lot of places where we want to play, I think that especially u.s.a. is a very big market for our music and I wish we could have a kind of us tour or whatever next year maybe. I also think that in Europe, we would like to play in lots of countries, except Germany! Also in UK we'd love to play. Everywhere, where people loves music.

8) What technology do you use in order to play music? Do you love the good old vinyl, do you mix with cds, or you are into the late technology like serato, ableton live and other stuff?

Babak: I like vinyl very much. I play with vinyl and cd and don't want to use laptop when djing. Performing live is a whole different thing and the laptop there is most useful. But as far as it concerns djing, I love to play mainly with vinyl.

Jon: You know, in this marriage between Babak and me, I am more into the earlier technology. I use to play with programs like final scratch and that's because I like to have control over the things, I hate carrying stuff, vinyl is very expensive and with all this digital stuff, for me is really convenient. I love to play vinyl, it's a cool medium, but it is inconvenient, at least for me. I also carry cds with me, because 90% of my sets are my own music or something new or something that someone sent me. For example, three days ago, somebody sent me some good stuff and I said 'oh that's cool' and I just burned it on a cd and played it, which is cool and that's not going to happen with vinyl.

9) What are your plans for the future? Do you have something special in mind?

Babak: Actually we are recording the 3rd Soda inc. album right now and I don't know…just making music. Babak Shayan album is coming out, Soda inc. album and a lot of music. Jon runs 2 labels, I ran Shayan music so we have a lot of releases in mind.

10) And as a last question, I would like to know your hobbies.

Jon: Sex (laughs), good food, Greek Food (especially souvlaki!), and of course beautiful women

And you Babak?

Babak: Exactly the same!

Ok guys, thank you very much for the interview and I hope we will meet again and drink some wine!

Jon & Babak: We thank you!

I must let you know, that Jon & Babak are probably the most friendly and happy people I have ever met. We have been talking nearly for one hour but they have given me the feeling that I knew them for years. I hope to see you soon guys. Love from Greece. Aufwiedersehen.

click here to read the interview in greek

Note from Jon: we had the same pleasure talking to you! Hope to see you again soon!Happy

I Take You Out To Space - and to #1 on beatport!

The Mulder aka Jon Silva was constantly climbing the beatport charts (read below) and today, finally reached the top position of beatport's DeepHouse charts. We're sorry to say we kicked Jimpster off the #1 position (he's one of our most adored producers) but hey, we also like that news. Happy

Meanwhile, Plastic City also released a new single by The Mulder, containing brand new versions and mixes of "I Take You Out To Space" by Cooccer, Jon Silva (umm...yes, you CAN remix yourself, especially if suffering from split personality) and two totally new and previously unreleased tracks. "I Take You Out To Space" was produced back in 2003 and originally released in 2005 - another proof that timeless music never grows old (and that's the philosophy we here at Pesto follow).

Further, Jon Silva's "I Want U" [Pesto 009] is still in the Top100 on
click here to buy at
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click here to buy at iTunes Music Store

And as a last hint: beatport is finally accepting Paypal payments! As we know that many of you don't have a credit card, that's good news, indeed!

Play020-8: The Mulder - I Take You Out To Space

We just told you about the Mulder's release on Plastic City. Here's the link to the official page accompanying the release. Please find the info text below (quoted from Plastic City's web page):

The track "I Take You Out To Space" was originally released in 2005 - perfect at the time the sound of the nineties was up-to-date again. For Jon Silva, a Plastic City artist from the beginnings, this was a welcome occasion to reactivate his old alias “The Mulder”. This project was founded during the mystery boom in the mid-nineties, started by the the successful TV series “X-Files” among others. Its beginning found this project in the mid-nineties – at that time together with Len Faki- by the idea to set up with samples from X-Files chapters some tracks which are reflecting the panache of this time. The results of this project were the very successful single-releases "The Police" and "The Crab Candidate". This release includes brand new remixes of "I Take you Out To Space" as well as two new tracks.

click here to visit Plastic City and listen to the tracks

Jon Silva/The Mulder climbing the charts

On the 2nd of September, we told you that Jon Silva's "I Want U" was entering the sales charts of Well, the good news continue:

Pesto 009 is still in the Top100 of with a peak position of #64 last week! Thank you all for your support!
click here to buy at
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Jon wasn't lazy meanwhile and made a 2007 version of his smasher "I Take You Out To Space" that was released via Plastic City under his "The Mulder" moniker back in 2003. The tune is part of "Plastic City.Shape", a compilation mixed by "Evil" Eddie Richards, a UK Tech House icon.

The 2007 version of "I Take You Out To Space" by The Mulder has been gaining positions on quickly - it's on #9 of the DeepHouse charts, once more (...*cough*, sounds familiar Winking ...) turning it into the best selling Plastic City release at the moment. (Talking of the "Babe-A-Pella" of Soda Inc.'s "Night Fever" - we just learned that Hernan Cattaneo also loves to play it).

There's also an upcoming release by "The Mulder" on Plastic City in brief containing more remixes of "I Take You Out To Space" (by rising talent "The Cooccer" who will have an album release on Traxx very soon) and two brand new choons! More details will follow when the release is available as an exclusive via and next week.

Jon Silva's "Summer of Remixes" pt. 2

and the remix story continues...

Jon has finally finished his two remixes for Nikola Gala's Escada Music label: Jon delivered both a deeper and slightly tighter mix for Nikola's "Close To You". The "Chalkidiki Day Mix" is perfect for beach bars or sunny car rides while the "Thessaloniki Night Mix" is your pick for clubs. Soundwise, it's not a hard guess that Jon has been inspired by his recent stays in Greece - so look forward to some sunny vibes coming up on Escada by mid August.
In return, we're also proud to announce to have a Nikola Gala remix for the upcoming single of From P60 on Pesto 011.

Another remix Jon had been requested to do already back in May that finally sees the light of the day is for Romania's Christian Paduraru. "Sharing Transparently", originally being a deep Progressive tune turned into a Dub monster after Jon's treatment. Christian seems to be happy because here's what he wrote: "Wow Jon, an inspiring wise use of elements with a hot steady deep groove!!" We're happy you like it, Christian! Jon Silva's P2P mix will come with two more DJ tools.

And a third remix has been done for Clubstar, namely for "Don't Stop" by W.V.P. pres. Mr. Da-Nos. Jon just took the vocals of the original and gave it a completely new Acid/Big Room rework around it. The remix has proven it's floor smashing qualities on the recent gigs on EXIT festival, Greece and at Cologne's Vic Bar. Watch out for this club tune!

Last but not least, there's also a new track by "The Mulder" (yes, that's also Jon) out on Plastic City called "Torque" that's among the best selling tunes on Beatport right now. The track is part of the Plastic city compilation "Play". A digital EP by "The Mulder" is on its way.

Jon Silva's "Night Fever" Remix #1 on Beatport

Shortly after "Night Fever Remixes vol. 2" including remixes by Spin Science, Chris Niteshake, Steve Mill and Jon Silva has been released, Jon's "Babe-A-Pella" storms the sales charts, making his interpretation the best selling Plastic City track on beatport at the moment.

Another fact that is making us proud is that half of Plastic City's sales top ten consists of the various versions of "Night Fever". Thanks to all the supporters and of course the remixers - great job!

Jon Silva's "Summer of Remixes" pt. 1

It's been a long time without any news being posted here so here you are:

Jon has been working on a large number of remix projects for several labels and artists. The first result of the "Summer of Remixes" will be available on Plastic City.

For the second volume of Soda Inc.'s "Night Fever Remixes", Jon joined the circle of Spin Science (Estonia), Chris Niteshake and Steve Mill (both from Greece) and delivers his "Babe-A-Pella", a deep and driving dub mix using only small portions of Jon's original vocals. Make sure you also check out Vol. 1 with remixes by G-Pal (Greece), Morgan Page (USA) and Roberto Bardini (Italy) which is also available on 12".
Volume 2 of the Night Fever Remixes is available from 26th June via and

The next remixes have been requested by the guys from Moscow's Moonbeam Music. Jon made two remixes for "Home" by Moonbeam feat. Julia B:

The "Jon Silva Remix" is pure Jon Silva sound using warm Wurlitzer chords, a fat and funky bassline to create a deep atmosphere that carries Julia's vocals. The "Camouflage Remix" heads towards a darker, more electronic approach. You will also find a Dub of the "Camouflage Remix" without the vocals.
Moonbeam feat. Julia B - "Home" on Moonbeam Digital (MBD009) will be out on July 2nd.

Also from Russia comes the digital label Deepology, run by the guys that also form the "Luckystars" team (Conya). Jon was asked to remix Seva K's "Zero Gravity" and came up with his "Orbit Funk Mix", a fusion of classic House and Funk sounds with an electronic topping or, well, just "Orbit Funk", as Jon calls it.
Seva K - "Zero Gravity" on Deepology Digital (DD007) will be out by end of July 2007.

More remixes have been requested by other artists and labels, we will keep you posted about the progress in pt. 2 of our news bulletin that will be published soon.

Simone de Nauw - Luv (Pesto 008) enters the beatport House charts!

We are more than proud and happy to announce that Simone's single "Luv" just entered the beatport House charts.

Currently, the "Be There Dub" is on #93 and we hope you will help us to make it gain more chart positions and have the other mixes enter the genre charts, as well. So far, thanks to all people that supported our actual release Pesto 008 "Luv" by Simone de Nauw.

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PestoCast 002 covering Simone de Nauw's "Luv"
DJ feedback on Pesto 008 - part one
direct link to Pesto 008 on

Jon Silva guest mix on Henri Kohn's Clubstar Session

We are proud to announce another radio guest mix by Jon Silva!

Our schäl sick Pestolero Henri Kohn, Cologne based house music soldier and artist & repertoire manager at the Clubstar label family invited Jon Silva to have a guest mix on his Clubstar Session on Radio 42. Henri's show kicks off at 09:00pm CET tomorrow on Saturday, the 24th March, Jon Silva's mix will be aired at 10:00pm CET.

Henri is known for his soulful House selections which makes the Clubstar Session a show to tune in regularly every Saturday. He also supports Pesto a lot and regularly has our releases in his charts - thanks a lot, Henri! Thanks to him, Jon Silva's "Love In Me" EP was signed to Conya and he also compiled and mixed the Clubstar Miami 007 Session (please see here) including Jon's stormer "Make It On Your Own".

Radio 42 is the House/Lounge channel of Raute FM, an online radio based in Germany. Make sure you check out their other channels as well.

Related links:
Radio 42
Clubstar web site
Henri Kohn web page
Henri Kohn's myspace

Soda Inc. DJ set on Barcelone's Canal Blau

We are proud to announce that on Saturday, the 24th March you will hear a Soda Inc. guest DJ mix on our catalan Pestolera Carme Pastora's Hotmix show on Canal Blau FM.

If you are based in lovely Barcelone, you can tune in on 100.4FM, for all the rest of us, Canal Blau also offers a web stream. Carme's show starts at 05:00pm CET and is well worth a listen, the Soda Inc. mix will be aired at 06:00pm.

Besides being the show host, Carme was also recognized as the presenter of the spanish Deejay mag awards. Besides that, Carme is a loyal supporter of Pesto - ¡muchas gracias, guapita!

related links:
Carme's myspace profile
Canal Blau FM web stream

Jon Silva on Raisani Miami Sessions

We're proud to announce that Jon Silva's "Music In Me" made it onto the Raisani Miami Sessions compilation, a compilation, you guessed it maybe, especially made for the Winter Music Conference that is about to launch today. Some of you might know the track "Music's In Me" already from Jon's myspace profile - this time you will get "The Optic Dub Mix" served.

Other artists on the tracklist are DJ Pap, Aston Martinez, David "Vibes" Tobon, Marshall Jefferson, Shyk Stilko, Tyree Cooper (the producer), DJ Tekin (you know one of his tunes from Jon Silva's "Sweet & Sexy" DJ mix), Raisani & Guidera and many, many more.

Look forward to an exclusive compilation with fresh and brand new tracks by today's hottest names in the House bizniz compiled by Haneef Raisani - the guy who's running Dubai's first and only House music label.

This is meant to serve you with fresh tunes just to pump out at WMC - Parteee!

Raisani Records homepage
Raisani Miami Sessions Disc 1 & 2

Jon Silva on Clubstar Miami 007 Session

The Clubstar Family loaded the guns of their labels Clubstar, Conya, Soulstar and Little Angel labels to shoot upfront promo pressure on the southbeach dancefloors, pools and beaches.

'The Clubstar Family Miami 007 Session' is only available as digital download and it is exclusive on Traxsource. The compilation kicks of with the highly requested 'High Life Natural' track from Karu. This tune hasn't been released yet and is a bonus to Karu's artist album on Little Angel Records. Already included in the Harley & Muscle 'Deep House' compilation and the upcoming 'KaRavan' cd.

From the Soulstar label the compilation contains 2 tracks that are hammered by every bigname of the real house family: Martino's brand new remix of Physics 'So glad' and the magical Kevin Yost remix of Harley & Muscle deep house anthem 'Deeper Love'. The deep house dons from Milan are official WMC djs by the way, so don't forget to check them out when you are going loco in miami .

The compilation also contains the smasher "Make It On Your Own" from Jon Silva's hit single on Conya.

Those who purchase all 14 tracks will be rewarded with a special bonus dj mix by Clubstar and Conya A&R Henri Kohn, who is also responsible for the selection of this comp.

Enjoy the tunes and have fun in the sun!

Jay-J hammers Jon Silva remix

Last weekend, L.A.'s Deep venue had Jay-J behind the decks. As Ricardo Torres was shooting with his cam, he caught Jay-J playing Jon Silva's Parapella of Roland Clark's "Deep In House" on Raisani Records.

Apparently, both Jay-J and the crowd enjoyed. Winking

Jon Silva on Proton Radio

Our friends from Moonbeam Music have just launched a brand new show on Proton Radio called "Moonbeam". There's a new episode of "Moonbeam" every second Monday of the month.

For the show on Monday, the 12th March they were so kind to invite Jon Silva for a guest mix on this episode. Make sure you check out the show "Moonbeam" on Proton Radio, hosted by our mates Pavel and Vitaliy Khvaleyev from Moonbeam. Special guest number two on this one is Jan Zyabovski, also from Russia.

Moonbeam Music Homepage

Rucyl signed to Pesto

We are very proud to announce that we managed to sign another incredibly talented artist to the Pesto roster.

New York City based Rucyl Mills would be considered a songwriter or storyteller. Her lyrics are intimate and pure, carried by the voice of an angel. She has proven on several occasions that she is a professionally working performer. Next to releases on her own label, her resume lists vocal backups and performances as well as songwriting jobs.

She recently teamed up with no less talented producer Pete Gust from Stockholm, Sweden who just made an amazing remix of "Love In War". We are more than glad to offer you an outstanding release for this autumn including both the original and Pete's remix of which the latter already received tremendous feedback among DeepHouse lovers.

More information on Rucyl and Pete Gust will be published alongside the release of "Love In War" - so long, please make sure to check the following links:

Rucyl's myspace
Rucyl's web page (with links to more music - don't miss that!)
Pete Gust's myspace
Pete Gust's web page (also with bunches of more music!)


Jon Silva on Danny Howells's Essential Mix

More good news for Jon Silva: Danny Howells played "Love In Me" from Jon's release on Conya017 in his latest Essential Mix on BBC Radio1 - the show of Pete Tong.

Check out the tracklist and the raving comments on BBC's page.

Thanks for the support, Danny!


Jon Silva remixes for Da Funk on Acryl Music

We are proud to announce the release of Acryl 018 "Devotion" by Da Funk.

Next to top notch remixes of Replika and Edmund, Jon Silva did not want to step back and delivered two reworks of "Devotion". Please check out the web page of Acryl Music for promo reactions and availability.

Good luck with the release - we're sure it will be slamming!

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