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Pesto 009: I Want U by Jon Silva

The promos have been sent out some days ago and we already got loads of lovely feedback!

This release has been long awaited as one version was already featured on the Bar1 mix compilation on Shayan Music among some other CD compilations.
We have smashing remixes by Claus Casper (from Cologne's S-Sentials who also remixed Soda Inc.'s "Full Moon" (Jon Silva is also one of the masterminds behind Soda Inc.)) and Kellyyss, our good friend and "engineer for the deeper sound", as he's often referred to.

For those who already know the Bar1 version, we offer a radio edit of that one and will make the very original mix (back from 2003 - you see? Good music doesn't grow old, it just matures like a good wine) available as the next Pesto Freebee. Our friends on already got the 128kBits file, the Pesto Freebee of this one will be at 320kBit as always, though. If you are registered with, make sure to become friends with us in case you haven't yet!

Accompanying the new release, you'll get the full package that you expect from Pesto including a new PestoMix (that will be mixed by Jon himself, of course) and a new PestoCast featuring Pesto 009.

Expect more details here next week.

I like to move it, move it!

No news for such a long time - there must be a special matter!?

True indeed, there is: just lately, the Pesto Music headquarters have moved. We're still located in Cologne but moved closer to the city now. More details will follow soon, including our new postal address.

To all those who worried: yes, we're all fine and the show will go on!

Expect a bunch of news bulletins by end of next week when the dust has settled over here.

Greetings from your Pesto crew!

There IS something going on!

Remember when we said there was something going on back in February this year? Here's one of the reasons you have been reading so little on this page recently.

Finally, Traxx, a sublabel of Pesto has been launched just today. Traxx is a label dedicated to DJ tools, more techy stuff and progressive club choons.

The motto of Traxx is "Traxxx, not songs". The first release will be "Traxx" by "Traxx" (what a statement, eh?) and the promos are available to a selected circle of DJs from today. We already got some hot feedback in, so expect a lot to happen on Traxx.

Visit the Traxx home page and the myspace profile.

Jon Silva in Maroc

Tomorrow, on Friday the 13th (oh yes!), Jon Silva will be playing his very first gig on the african continent.

Thanks to our artist and friend El Farouki, Jon has been booked to the venue "Actor's" in beautiful Marrakech, Maroc. If you're around, grab this rare (until now at least) chance to meet Jon Silva performing behind the decks.

This Jon Silva gig is presented in cooperation with Casa Booking, Casblanca.
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